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Mobile Net Switch 5.20

Mobile Net Switch is a professional network location switcher for Windows OS
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Mobile Net Switch is an application that allows you to connect to any network in your device's area, according to a profile location, and without any administrator approval. The program also automatically reconfigures your settings each time you try to connect to a network. Its functioning might prove somewhat complex for beginners, but the application's website contains a user manual posted, which clearly explains each step to take.

The program enables you to connect to different networks by only setting the information required by the network’s profile once. Thus, you can create multiple network profiles and readily access each of them. What I found pleasantly surprising about this application is the fact that it does not require administrator privileges, like others in its field. Moreover, for each network profile that you set, besides the IP information, you can further define its supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox).

Within this application, you can further reset the configuration for the printer, timezone, and scripts that you want processed on the computer when you connect to a specific network. You should be aware that, besides Wireless networks, Mobile Net Switch also supports Outlook Express. As an advantage, one can state that this application is supported on both 32b and 64b Windows configurations, and you never need to restart your PC if you want to connect to a different network.

All in all, Mobile Net Switch is a very convenient application for people who require smooth, flexible network connectivity for their systems.

Gaby Colette
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